Learn to Swim info

Our Swimming Lessons are run on a weekly basis and take place throughout the year, with a short break around Christmas time.

BOOKING: Lessons are typically booked for a specific day and time; though these can be relocated to new lesson days and times on a permanent basis (not for one off lessons – you would use holiday for these). All lessons must be paid for in full at the time of booking.  We have three payment plans available for lessons, of 1, 4, 8 or 12 weeks. All bookings are priced per swimmer and offers cannot be extended or divided between swimmers. For booking please contact reception.

All sessions must be booked and paid for prior to attending the swimming lesson. Either over the phone or at reception. Please note that if lessons expire and no further booking is made, the swimmer will be automatically removed from the class register and someone else can immediately book into the newly vacant space.

-The instructor will collect the swimmer from the entrance to poolside.
-Parents of children under 8 must stay in the building.
-The lesson is 30 minutes long and the parent/ guardian will need to collect the swimmer from the entrance to poolside.

HOLIDAY WEEKS: we allow all swimmers two weeks holiday per year, these can be taken at your convenience.  You are not charged for these lessons.  Holiday lessons must be arranged in advance and with the reception team.

MEDICAL BREAKS: we are able to credit up to 4 weeks per year with a doctors note detailing the need to not attend exercise or physical activity. We do not accept email or verbal notification for medical breaks. Common sickness or illness does not entitle you to a medical break; you will need either take holiday or lose that lesson. We can only honour a medical break one occasion per annum. We can also freeze lessons by putting the swimmer on hold. This will remove the swimmer from the class until you chose to reinstate them if the space is still available.

SWIMMER PROGRESS TRACKING: all swimmers receive a unique code that can be used to track progress on our website. This number is available from reception. To access the Progress tracker please select the Learn to Swim drop down menu and then select Progress Tracker. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: all swimmers in pre-school and stages lessons must where a swimming hat, we recommend a one piece costume for girls and trunks or shorts, which are no longer than knee length for boys.  Swimmers can also wear a fitted rash vest and suitable goggles if they wish.  Any swimmer who is not yet potty trained must also wear a suitable swim nappy.   

-Child receives free swimming tickets with a paying adult. Based on a 1 Adult: 1 Child basis
-Discounts available on pool party hire

Should you wish to cancel a private lesson, you are required to provide at least 24-hours notice for the cancellation to be non-chargable.  If the cancellation is carried out under 24-hours notice you will still be charged for the lesson as the instructor is pre-booked and will be entitled to claim the wages.

Class info

Stages 1 & 2 

These lessons are aimed at Children who are of school age.  Stages 1 and 2 are held in the learner pool, with a teacher in the water.  We work with a small class of up to six swimmers to one teacher.  Swimmers will work through Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme.  Stage 1 is an introductory stage focusing on basic aquatic skills and water confidence.  Stage 2 develops this and leads to swimmers becoming more independent in the pool.  By the end of stage 2 swimmers will be able to confidently swim 5 metres unaided. 

For those entering lessons a little later, we have a unique beginner’s class for children who are 8 years old and over.  These lessons are held in the shallow end of the main pool and focus on Stages 1 & 2.  The class size is still a maximum of six swimmers, but is tailored to that specific age group of swimmers.   


Stage 3 – 7 

As swimmers become more confident and competent they progress through the higher stages of the Learn to Swim Programme.  These stages are taught in the main pool, with up to eight swimmers in a group.  Through these higher stages swimmers will further develop their aquatic skills.  Stroke standards will be introduced and swimmers will work to refine their leg and arm actions.  New progressive practices will be introduced to widen their aquatic skill base.   

By the end of Stage 3 swimmers will be able to confidently swim 10 metres unaided, this distance will progress through the other stages.  At Oakland’s Community Pool we pride ourselves in developing excellent swimming standards, and follow the ethos of quality over quantity.  As a charity we also work to promote water safety; in, on and near the water.  So lessons will have specific water safety aspects too.   


Oaklands Aquatics Club 

Once swimmers have progressed through the Learn to Swim Programme they will move into Swim England’s Aquatic Skills Framework which will be taught in our Aquatics Club.  Swimmers will develop their fundamental skills and focus on further swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming and diving skills.  Swimmers will work through a further three stages, finishing at completing Stage 10 in each of the disciplines.   

Swimming Lesson Pricelist

*Prices as of Friday 29th December 2023*

1x Week of  Swimming Lessons £13.00
4x weeks of Swimming Lessons £42.00
8x weeks of Swimming Lessons £70.00
12x week of  Swimming Lessons £99.00

We offer a pricing discount based on the length of commitment being made to secure the space. All prices are offered per learner; swimming lesson bought in bulk cannot be divided between learners as this would shorten the term of commitment.

All Swimming Lessons once booked are non-refundable. This is due to the nature of the booking involving specific dates and the classes having limited spaces available.

-Child receives free swimming tickets with a paying adult. Based on a 1 Adult: 1 Child basis
-Discounts available on pool party hire